Steel wall is a modular partitioning system specifically designed to be easily dismantled and re-assembled should changing office configuration require it. It is based on a 1000 mm standard width (1200 mm on request dependant o quantities) with made to measure finishing pieces. The height from floor to ceiling or even a false ceiling has a 100 mm tolerance to compensate for uneven floors.

Technical Description

The system has been specially designed so that it can be fitted in combination with false ceilings without the need for bracing between the ceiling and the false ceiling. The system has been specifically designed to be quickly dismantled and moved as many times as required and to be modified by adding or removing glazed areas or solid areas as changing office requirements dictate.

The wall system consists of a galvanised 12 / 10 steel vertical profile between adjacent modules and has holes drilled at predetermined centres to create a “rapid fit” system along its whole length so that each upright is universal and can be used for glazed or any other type of panel. The side of the vertical profiles are machined out to accommodate electrical wiring conduits and also the horizontal fixing points for the junction of solid and glazed panels.

A special soft seal is fitted along the exterior edge of the profile to avoid any contact between the panels and the structure and thus decreasing the acoustic transmission between the office units.

The lower part of the vertical profile is fitted with an adjustable foot to level the structure whereas the upper part of the profile has a telescopic coupling.

The cross pieces which contribute to the structure’s rigidity and also to ensure the correct spacing of the vertical profiles are made from a “C” section 12 / 10 galvanised steel which fit into the pre-machined holes on the vertical profiles. The cross pieces can be used to vary the standard module from a maximum of 1200 mm to a minimum of 500 mm. Dimensions of less than 500 mm are closed off using appropriate panels.

The perimeter floor and ceiling profiles are a “U” section 8 / 10 steel covered with a fireproof PVC profile thus avoiding any contact between the office units.

The closing panels are made of a low formaldehyde content 18 mm thick particleboard with a non-reflective wax surface, with are finished on all 4 edges. The panels are pre-drilled for the fitting of accessories. On request and at additional cost, the hollow between the panels can be filled with 40 mm mineral wool to even further reduce acoustic transmissions between the office units.

The glass panels are manufactured using a round edges double framework in painted extruded aluminium. This framework can accommodate various thicknesses of glass from 4 mm to 3+3 laminated safety glass and to fit manually or electrically operated blinds between the two glasses. The glazed units, whatever the thickness of the glass are flush with the closed units thus avoiding antiaesthetic ledges where also dust can settle.

Glazed units use as standard tempered or laminated safety glass.

The corners of the glazed unit frames are fitted with metal alignment brackets for the profiles and also to give added rigidity to the structure.

The solid 42 mm thick doors consist of a painted aluminium doorframe, and the door itself has a solid wood external frame and has a 0.9 mm melamine laminate covering of the same colour used in the closing panels of the system itself.

The glazed door uses the same frame but a 10 mm tempered glass. The painted aluminium hinges ensure that the door can be hung perfectly in situ. Standard handles are “HCS” type supplied by Hoppe for both door types.

All the doors are reversible right and left without any modifications.