Panels made of high density chipboard, binding and thermosetting resins. Protection against putrefaction and fire.
Thickness of the panel without any covering: 38 mm.
Panel dimension: 600x600 mm. Perimeter protection with self-extinguishing PVC.
Bottom side covered with:
aluminium foil
steel foil
steel plate.

Technical Description

There are three different types of supporting panel
- chipboard and resin panel
- reinforced calcium sulphate with fibres
- all steel fully welded panel filled with lightweight cementitious material

The covering is meant to be the upper treading surface and can be made of:
- resilient materials (PVC, linoleum, laminate, rubber)
- wood ( 5 types of wood and 8 designs)
- stone (ceramic, natural and artificial stones, cotto and cement grits) (see cards L)

High density chipboard (700 kg/m3), binding and thermosetting resins. Protection against putrefaction and fire.
Perimeter protection: self-extinguishing PVC.
Bottom coverings: plastic laminate, 0.05 mm thick aluminium film 0.5 mm thick galvanised steel foil, 0.5 mm thick galvanised steel plate.
Upper coverings: plastic laminate, PVC, linoleum, rubber, ceramic, marble/natural granite, marble/agglomerated granite, parquet.

Physical characteristics

Panel weight: 9.6 kg
Weight/m2 (only panel): 26.7 kg
Density: 700 kg/m3
Dimension characteristics: (1)
Side dimension: 600x600 mm
Thickness (only panel)(2): 38 mm
Dimensional tolerance: In accordance with UNI rules 10467-2
Characteristics in a fire: Fire reaction(3): Class 1 / Fire resistance(4): REI 90