This extremely versatile false ceiling is made of modular metal panels with various types of panel edge which change the way they fit with the supporting framework and therefore the look of the finished ceiling. The ceiling structure may be visible, level or half-hidden with different types of panel shutter and thickness and either sharp or bevelled edges. The main advantages of this system are durability, performance and possibility of building in lighting, air-conditioning and other systems.

Technical Description

Panel: prepainted aluminium available in several colours;

3015D = 3 mm. diameter holes, 7 mm. diagonal, 15% open
2012L = 2 mm. diameter holes, 5 mm. linear, 12.5% open
2025D = 2 mm. diameter holes, 3,4 mm diagonal, 25% open
1522D = 1,5 mm. square holes, 3,4 mm. diagonal, 22% open
1 mm. diameter holes and 4/10/20 mm. square holes available on request.

Insulation: 20 mm. thick polyester fibre panels glued to 20 mm. thick black nonwoven fabric. Black nonwoven fabric soundproofing felt glued to the inside of the panel on request.

Acoustic correction: 0,65 NRC with 15-18% open holes and nonwoven fabric backing.

Reaction to fire: class uninflammable.

Load-bearing sections: galvanized steel upside-down. T-sections with 15 or 24 mm, bases covered with prepainted aluminium available in a whole range of colours.

Suspension: bracket for fixing to the ceiling and double steel wire hanger with adjustment spring and lock.

Removability: each panel may be easily removed by lifting.

Dimension: PLAN 595x595x12 mm; FLAT 595x595x15+2 mm.

Module: 600x600 mm.

Thickness: aluminium 0,5 and 0,6 mm.

Assembly: the panels are simply rested on a push-fit upside-down 24 mm. T-section framework.

Weight: assembled false ceiling excluding insulation: aluminium 3,1 or 3,4 Kg./sqm.